From Colleagues

Having taught for 29 years, I have encountered numerous educators, few who have been as conscientious as Sangeetha.

With the recent Covid-19 teaching environment, it has been necessary to think and work on the fly, especially in the use of technology. I appreciated having Sangeetha there to suggest and guide us through the obstacles. She is very comfortable with technology and quick with solutions. …

We were both new to IB Chemistry when we started [teaching it] in the summer of 2018. … As an experienced teacher and having a Ph.D. in chemistry, I was confident that this would not be much of a challenge. However, I found IB Chemistry to be more about methodology than it was about content. Sangeetha took to it immediately. It was obvious that she had a clearer understanding of curricular practice than I did. While I struggled to understand the formal terminology of educational practice, she did not.

In class, her students have the advantage of her forethought and curriculum design. She has managed to take her professional training and put it into practice, and with her varied and numerous teaching experiences, she has developed into a top-notch educator.

Dr. Musser

Sangeetha has an excellent command of English and exceptional communication skills. Her knowledge of subject and assessment tasks was very valuable during the time we worked together.

I especially appreciated her organisational skills and her pleasant, kind personality. During our time at King’s we were able to successfully collaborate without any unpleasant situations. Other than her academic excellence, She was an enthusiastic and efficient team player and is dearly missed in our Science Department.

Mrs. Marais

As a colleague of Sangeetha, I found her to be collegiate and collaborative when working in teams. She was always prepared to do her share of the work and to be helpful and compassionate towards other teachers.

Sangeetha is a friendly person with a ready smile and her pleasant nature made her easy to work with at all times. Sangeetha was able to build good relationships with her students, and was able to maintain appropriate student/teacher relationships. She practised behaviour management in such a way that her students respected her. Her patience with students was an asset.

Mr. Classen
Dean of Students, KCC

Sangeetha strikes me as someone who was very nurturing and always keen to meet the needs of her students. Her genuine care and concern for her students have gained her much respect from the students. In order to capture her students’ attention, she spends time exploring various teaching methods such as infusing IT skills in lessons and doing group work with her classes.

In class, she is able to build strong rapport with her students, and she uses that rapport effectively. Sangeetha is friendly and modest in her interactions with other teachers. Being helpful in nature, she is forthcoming in offering assistance to others beyond her responsibilities, and is well-liked by the staff and teachers.

Mdm Yeo
Senior Educator, Singapore

Sangeetha is a positive lady who was willing to take up new challenges to improve the teaching and learning of Chemistry in the school. She understood the merits of professional development and often took initiative to sign up for courses and apply what has been learnt to improve her lesson delivery. As such, she was able to take charge of students with different abilities and was able to support them well in their learning. She exuded enthusiasm and passion for teaching.

An educator with a caring nature, she would often spend time after lessons to bond with her students to get to know them better. It was through such sessions that she was able to build strong rapport with her students and identify students with emotional needs so as to provide them with assistance.

Miss Chiang
Senior Educator, Singapore

From Students & Parents

My son was successfully promoted this year. I had seen the improvement and the progress he had been changed so far during the past six months. He had been completely immersed into the advice and motivation by Miss Sangeetha during the final terms of last year.

This credit goes to his form teacher Miss Sangeetha for her teaching methodology. She is firm, assertive, encouraging and caring, therefore my son has a high regard for her.

Parent of student
Mrs. Sang is the kindest and sweetest person I've ever met. She is so nice and always treated us as more than students. She cared about our well-being and talked about our interests. I will miss Mrs. Sang.