About Me

Instructional Designer - Learning & Development - Curriculum Developer

Sangeetha - the author

I am an experienced learning and instructional designer who has experiences in Singapore, Australia and the U.S. I have had the privilege of working in both private and public educational organisations in these countries.

My love for learning has spurred me to intentionally pursue instructional and learning design. I enjoy creating meaningful learning experiences that encourage active learning for different learners.

Though I can work independently, I find strength in community. Collaboration is crucial in every work as I believe in creating and building solutions through communicating with different audiences.

In my personal time, I spend time with my husband exploring the nature parks in Florida, and tending to my bird feeders and Florida native plants. Rejoicing in the beauty of nature brings wholeness for me.

Here is my story...

My aunt wanted to change careers from being a dental assistant to working in customer service in the healthcare industry. 

Here is how I supported:

Faculty members needed help in creating a brand new course. This was their first time teaching the course.

Here is how I supported:

How do I come alongside you?

People are the heart of learning.

I serve to design experiences so that people will learn and use their knowledge in a more purposeful and actionable way.