Design Philosophy

Personally, I believe the essential aspect of instructional design is to encourage active learning where there are actionable outcomes.

Instead of creating courses where there is a lack of interactivity for learners, we need to empathise with our users. What do they want to learn? How is this course going to help them improve in their practices for work? 

This is where we acknowledge the need for a learner’s needs analysis. Using the results, and focus groups with stakeholders and SMEs, it will allow us to create a plan that will fulfil the needs of the learners.

For adult learners, we need to recognise that there is pressing work waiting for them, thus their learning most often should have an immediate impact on their work process.

Instructional Design Process

I believe that the instructional design process must be informed by:

Having a broad understanding of learning theories to address the needs of how people learn
Incorporating learner needs analysis to identify skills that need to be relayed
Creating meaningful designs that are strategic and develop learning activities

Continuous improvement through evidence-based evaluation