Healthcare Course

Patient Service Associate Program

Company Setting

This is a learning institute for mid-career transitioning adults. The lessons need to be tailored in a manner to suit the learning needs of these middle aged adults. Recognising that they may struggle with technology, it was essential to create a simple interface using Articulate Rise.

Project team

I completed this project expecting to have key stakeholders including healthcare personnel, teaching personnel and relevant SMEs.

Task Overview

This heavy content based module with experiential learning created for mid career adults seeking to pursue a certificate in patient service associate. Since this is an information heavy module, sections are simplified and have interactive activities to encourage learning through application of knowledge.

Design Theory

1. The first aspect of this course is understanding the needs of the adult learners. The behaviorist, cognitive and/or constructivist approaches are present in respective modules during the course of this program. The initial portion of the training starts with a more behavioral approach with a matching exercise as seen in the demo. When key concepts and knowledge are emphasized, the subsequent lessons will be built on a constructivist approach where they can start applying their knowledge to real-life scenarios.

2. I developed this eLearning course through the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, & Evaluate). Learner Needs Analysis is crucial to jumpstart the process of understanding the learning and technology needs of the adult learners. After that, I created user personas and discussed them with the relevant SMEs to design course objectives and content suited to meet the learning needs of the adult learners.

Design and Development Process

  • I would conduct a detailed learner needs analysis with current adult learners and use it to create a user persona.
  • I would have a project manager schedule a meeting with SMEs to discuss how we could design the content to serve the user persona’s needs.
  • I would develop a storyboard using content provided by SMEs.
  • I would create a variety of questioning techniques and discuss with professors.